About Us

AGRODRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM S.A., which has been represented by different distributors in Turkey up to now, started its operations in Izmir as AGRODRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM LTD. Our adventure of manufacturing irrigation systems and fittings, which started in 1989 in Thessaloniki, has reached a size allowing exports to dozens of countries today. Owing to its well-organized worldwide sales network and excellent technical support provided by its experienced managers, it offers products that can produce complete solutions even in the most difficult irrigation projects and are used safely. We are happy to be in Turkey again with hundreds of products such as mini sprinklers, new generation sprinkler heads, online drippers, pop-ups, drip irrigation fittings, locked connections, threaded fittings, couplings, valves, mini valves, filters.

VISION: To expand our product range in line with the demands of our customers, to develop products that give excellent results even in the most difficult working conditions. While doing these, to establish a good balance between quality and price, while not compromising our quality, to ensure that our customers are advantageous in price in competitive market conditions. Quality product, competitive price, excellent customer dialogue...

Starting with the Balkan countries and then Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, England, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, France, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Sudan, Albania, United Arab Emirates , Egypt, Korea, Uzbekistan, Mexico to carry our export journey to other countries of the world.

OUR MISSION: To provide one hundred percent satisfaction of our customers in additional parts and fittings, which are the basic inputs in the design of irrigation systems.